New Report: Public Attitudes Toward Government Financial Transparency

The findings of a new report by the Association of Government Accountants (AGA), “Public Attitudes Toward Government Accountability and Transparency 2008,” reveal poor public perceptions of government accountability and transparency. The survey was conducted as part of the AGA’s Advancing Government Accountability campaign and focuses on access to government financial information.

One of the key findings:

“Of those surveyed, 73 percent of American adults believe that
it is very important for the federal government to be open and
honest in its spending practices, yet only 5 percent say they are
meeting these expectations.”

The AGA encourages federal, state, and local governments to provide the public with clear explanations of financial practices, in addition to traditional government financial communications like audited financial statements. The AGA believes, “Government financial reporting that expresses complex financial details in an understandable form, delivered in a timely manner, is the key to strengthening our democracy and has the potential to bring major socio-economic benefits.”

Via Sabrina I. Pacifici at beSpacific.

[Posted by Emily Feldman]

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