Edit Sunlight’s Transparency Legislation

The Sunlight Foundation is asking for your input on a new piece of draft transparency legislation – the Transparency in Government Act of 2008. Sunlight prepared and drafted the legislation, which draws on bills that have already been introduced and the work of the Open House Project. Before going to lawmakers for support, Sunlight has opened up the bill for comments, suggestions, and edits at PublicMarkup.org.

Here is how Sunlight describes the Transparency in Government Act of 2008:

The Transparency in Government Act of 2008 is a broad legislative effort intended to make the work of Congress and the executive branch more transparent by creating laws and regulations that would bring more information online and available to the public in a timely manner. The draft legislation is an amalgamation of bills that have already been introduced, along with new provisions. If enacted, it would create historic changes in the way the executive and legislative branches provide information to the public, and Sunlight believes it would foster a better and more complete understanding by the public of how the government works.

[Posted by Emily Feldman]

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