EPA Opens Blog for Comments on Access to Information

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has opened up a blog seeking comments on improving access to EPA’s environmental information. The blog, the Partner Blog for the National Dialogue, will be open for comments this week, June 9-13, 2008.

The topics open for comment are:

Understanding Information: Putting environmental information into context for our customers.
Finding Information: Making environmental information easier to find or access.
What Works: What is working for your organization?
Building to Share: How do we leverage our collective strengths and capabilities?
Going Beyond the Web: Reaching people who don’t have Internet access.

The blog is EPA’s latest tool for collecting comments on their National Dialogue on Access to Environmental Information. A summary report on the National Dialogue will be posted on the “What We’ve Learned” section of the National Dialogue website by June 20, 2008. See our previous blog post for background information about the National Dialogue.

As before, we encourage those who use EPA materials to provide comments and share your insight.

[Posted by Emily Feldman]

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