Tagging Documents for the Internet Archive

The smart folks over at Free Government Information (FGI) are conducting an interesting government documents project. They’re encouraging people to upload documents to the Internet Archive’s Government Documents Collection and use the social bookmarking web site del.icio.us to tag these documents with the tag ‘IADeposit‘. They are especially interested in fugitive documents, those in danger of disappearing, or those that are especially important (like the 9/11 report).

As FGI’s James Jacobs said in an email to GOVDOC-L, “The idea of the project is to tag those documents and then we’ll upload them to the archive for preservation. Hopefully, some library(s) will then be able to catalog them for better long-term access.”

Be sure to check out FGI’s blog post about this project and join in the fun!

[Posted by Emily Feldman]

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