GCN’s Top 10 Agency Web sites

Via the Law Librarian Blog, here are the top 10 agencies “making the best use of the Web,” according to Government Computer News. Web sites were judged based on information and services provided.

  1. National Library of Medicine’s Medline Plus
  2. CDC.gov
  3. Washington, D.C.’s CapSt
  4. SSA’s ‘Help With Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs’
  5. USA.gov
  6. Massachusetts portal page
  7. Merit Systems Protection Board’s E-Appeal
  8. Business.gov
  9. USGS’ Water Science for Schools
  10. Cancer.gov

Take a look at these Web sites and then compile your top 10! You can post your list as a comment on the Law Librarian Blog.

[Posted by Emily Feldman]

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