AALL’s New Advocacy Toolkit for the 111th Congress

In his latest e-newsletter, AALL President James Duggan announced AALL’s Advocacy Toolkit for the 111th Congress: 2009-2010, an exciting new tool to help AALL members and chapters become effective advocates for law libraries. The Advocacy Toolkit is designed to be the one-stop-shop for you to learn to become effective an advocate for law libraries at the federal and state levels.

The Toolkit provides resources for individuals to learn more about AALL’s top information policy issues and why we need you to join our Advocacy Team. In the Toolkit, you’ll find information about AALL’s policy priorities, see what bills we’re tracking, and take action on current alerts.

In addition, a large part of the Advocacy Toolkit is dedicated to helping AALL chapters form effective legislative committees. The Toolkit provides resources to help chapters influence policy at the federal and state levels by tracking bills, working with coalition partners, and communicating with their members of Congress or their state legislature to achieve the chapter’s legislative goals.

The Advocacy Toolkit is available as a live document and as a PDF on our Web site. We also offer an RSS feed to help you keep track of the latest action alerts, bills, and other updates. We hope that you find the Advocacy Toolkit to be a useful resource to help you become an effective advocate for law libraries.

[Posted by Emily Feldman]

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