Hope to See You in Denver for AALL’s 2010 Advocacy Training: Raising the Bar in Your State

This year’s half-day Advocacy Training, “Raising the Bar in Your State,” will be held on July 10 from 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m.. As you can see from our Final Agenda, we’ll be hosting concurrent open brainstorming sessions on concrete ways to promote our two top priorities at the state level—the value of state, court and county law libraries and the progress of our AALL State Working Groups, including the development of a national inventory of primary legal information.

If you can join us in Denver, you’ll be able to choose between these two important breakout sessions:

  • The first will feature an interactive panel discussion led by SCCLL-SIS Chair Anne Matthewman with several public law librarians who have successfully dealt with a funding crisis in their state. We want you to brainstorm about what new tools we can develop collaboratively and make available on AALLNET. These new tools will help us demonstrate the value of public law libraries and build allies to help promote their unique role in providing access to justice.
  • The second, led by GRC member Catherine Dunn, will include a dialogue with the coordinators of several of our state working groups on the successes and challenges they’ve faced. Paul Lomio and Erika Wayne, who are working with NOCALL and AALL’s California Working Group to develop and test the prototype for the national inventory, will then summarize progress to date. They’ll also lead a group discussion for new ideas on how to populate the inventories down to the local level. If you have a laptop, please be sure to bring it along!

We need many more volunteers for our state working groups. Even though you may not be able to attend our training session this summer, please contact Emily Feldman to sign up today.

And we’d like to thank the more than 25 AALL members who have already registered for the July 10 Advocacy Training. We’d love to have you join us too! To register, please send Emily an email by June 1.

[Posted by AALL Government Relations Office Director Mary Alice Baish, Advocacy Communications Assistant Emily Feldman and Government Relations Committee Chair Camilla Tubbs]

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