New Whistleblower Archive Provides Unparalleled Access to Digitized Documents

Since March 2008, AALL Director of Government Relations Mary Alice Baish has worked closely with longtime whistleblower advocate Dr. Donald R. Soeken to find a home for an invaluable collection of digitized court and other documents related to whistleblowers and whistleblowing. We are very pleased to announce that after Dr. Soeken’s many years of tireless work, the newly formed International Whistleblower Archive is now using the Internet Archive’s Archive-It service to capture, archive and make accessible a treasure trove of whistleblower documents. Anyone who visits the collection will now have the ability to search a vast international archive of court documents, news articles, videos and more.

We commend Dr. Soeken for his commitment to ensuring a secure and permanent home for this important resource for legal researchers, lawyers and whistleblowers themselves. The collection already includes documents related to the cases of such well-known whistleblowers as Daniel Ellsberg and Fred Whitehurst. With the help and contributions of attorneys, counselors, professors, researchers and journalists, we hope that this impressive collection will continue to grow.

Whistleblowers who reveal government abuses of power help to protect against waste, fraud, and abuse. AALL strongly supports legislation in the House (H.R. 1507) and Senate (S. 372) that would provide protections for government whistleblowers to ensure that they can speak out without fear of reprisal. To learn more about the status of whistleblower protections in the 111th Congress, please see our Issue Brief.

Please be sure to visit this great new resource and forward it on to your colleagues and friends!

[Posted by Emily Feldman]

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