Law Library of Congress Adds Enhancements to THOMAS

The Law Library of Congress announced today that THOMAS has again been updated with a number of new useful features, in continuing celebration of its fifteenth anniversary. Enhancements include:

  • Expanded Use of the Bookmarking and Sharing Widget: The THOMAS Share Tool allows you to print THOMAS pages and search results; subscribe to regular updates from THOMAS; share THOMAS content via social networking sites and email; and post links to or embed THOMAS content in your personal Web site or blog. First launched only on the Bill Summary & Status and Bill Text pages, this helpful feature is now available on the Congressional Record, Committee Reports, and Nominations and Treaties pages.
  • Consistent, Informative Headers and Improved Navigation: New headers provide useful information at the top of each Bill Summary & Status page. The addition of “back” buttons help users more easily navigate the site.
  • Years Now Included Along with Sessions of Congress: THOMAS now displays the years covered by each session of Congress on the Bill Summary & Status page and the search screen. The Law Library has also added a very nice Congress-to-Year Conversion for users who want to see this information at a glance.

We applaud the Law Library for continuing to add improvements to THOMAS that will help legal researchers and members of the public more easily track legislation and conduct research. We will keep you updated as new features are added.

[Posted by Emily Feldman]

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