AALL Participates in Audit of Revised Open Government Plans, Revealing Significant Improvements

AALL contributed to a second audit organized by OpenTheGovernment.org to rank executive agencies’ Open Government Plans, which were initially released on April 7 as required by the Obama Administration’s Open Government Directive (OGD). Agencies were given the opportunity to revise their plans by June 25, and 23 of the 39 agencies evaluated during the audit released revised plans by the June deadline.

Using the same criteria employed in the first round, the auditors rated the extent to which agencies’ revised plans met the OGD’s requirements and provided bonus points for exceeding the requirements.

The audit found that most agencies made significant steps to improve their plans. The Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency met all of the OGD requirements, and earned bonus points.

The Department of Justice moved from the lowest ranking to a respectable spot at number 8. DOJ responded positively to feedback and made important steps to include required links and identify high value data sets. Significantly, DOJ has promised to make publicly available its collection of digital legislative histories and to provide access to significant court filings through its Web site.

The auditors are now developing metrics to evaluate how agencies implement their Open Government Plans. AALL and the other auditors will continue to work closely with agencies to ensure that they follow through on their promises to create a more open government.

[Posted by Emily Feldman]

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