Law Library of Congress Adds More New Features to THOMAS

Implementing its final set of enhancements to THOMAS this year, the Law Library of Congress added the following useful new features:

  • All GPO Access links in THOMAS have been changed to link to FDsys.
  • The search has been improved so that the most important bill types appear first.
  • The Bill Summary & Status page will now display the Latest Action (rather than Latest Major Action) and the Latest Title (rather than the most recent official or short title).
  • Cosponsors are now listed in one column, rather than divided up into two.
  • Dublin Core tags were added for title, creator (the sponsor in THOMAS), date, identifier (the THOMAS handle), and type (bill type).

Congratulations to the Law Library for adding many new enhancements to THOMAS this year, in celebration of its fifteenth anniversary. A list of all the great new features can be found on the Law Library’s Web site.

[Posted by Emily Feldman]

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