AALL Releases Statement in Support of the EPA’s Library Network Strategic Plan

After more than five years since we first learned of the proposed closure of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) libraries, the EPA yesterday released its long-awaited final strategic plan for its National Library Network.

AALL, the Medical Library Association (MLA), and the Special Libraries Association (SLA) released a statement to commend the EPA on the release of the Library Network Strategic Plan. The statement highlights the years of advocacy by our three associations to keep the libraries open and encourage the Library Network to utilize emerging technologies to digitize, authenticate and circulate documents through electronic means. The release of the three-year plan follows a September 2010 Government Accountability Office report on the need for the agency to complete a strategy for its Library Network to meet user needs.

The release of the plan is a victory for members of the public, researchers, government officials, and businesses who will benefit from the Library Network’s plans to improve access to environmental information. We look forward to working with EPA on the plan’s implementation.

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