Redesigned ODNI Website Aims for Greater Transparency

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) recently unveiled changes to its website that aim to increase transparency.

Created with an open source content management system, the overhauled site seeks to provide more accurate, up-to-date information to the public and bolster the office’s web presence.  Featured changes include links to all intelligence community members, video, photographs, podcasts and subscription content from throughout the intelligence community. Meanwhile, back-end updates “provide a scalable and flexible architecture to empower innovative, efficient distribution of key information while reducing the costs of future investments,” according to an ODNI news release.

While the new ODNI site does not focus on mobile technology, progress has been made by members of the intelligence community. In response to the growing use of mobile devices, the Central Intelligence Agency launched a new mobile site last week. Readers can now access mobile-friendly versions of materials on small screens.

The new ODNI site does focus on web 2.0 tools like Facebook, reflecting the agency’s aim to make its content available to a broader audience. The efforts of ODNI’s federal, state, industry and global partners are highlighted on the site for greater reach and transparency.

A laudable step towards increased transparency, the ODNI site redesign is not yet complete. Additional features and content will be added in the coming months, including archived congressional testimonies and other relevant news from before 2005. In all, the new site is worth a look and indicative of a trend we hope the intelligence community at large will continue.

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