Taking Advantage of the August Recess

You’ve likely noticed it around your office and during your morning commute. Even at your local grocery store and community pool, you’ve felt the effects. It’s August and it seems that just about everyone is on vacation. Where crowds once were, there are now only the few and far between.

Congress, too, has emptied out as August recess sends legislators across the county back to their home districts and states. With the November election looming, your members of Congress will be spending much of their time campaigning at home, talking with constituents and hearing the concerns of voters.

Not on vacation? You can take advantage of the August lull by getting active in advocacy. With your members of Congress at home, now is the perfect time to put to practice the belief that “all politics is local.” Invite your legislators to tour your library and tell them about the need for adequate funding. Meet with your representative to urge them to support public access to Congressional Research Service reports. Call your senators to ask them to vote for full funding for the Government Printing Office and Library of Congress. The relationships you build this August will serve you well in months to come.

Be sure to consult AALL’s Advocacy Toolkit and contact the Government Relations Office for help getting started. Don’t worry; we’re not on vacation, either.

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