AALL Calls for ECPA Reform on National Day of Action

By Elizabeth

Today, AALL is joining a broad spectrum of organizations in a day of action to call for reform of the Electronic Communication Privacy Act (ECPA), the federal law that governs standards for government access to private information that is transmitted and stored on the Internet. Since it was authored in 1986, ECPA has not been updated to reflect the immense changes in technology that have taken place, resulting in a law that fails to provide necessary privacy protections for electronic communications.  It’s time to update ECPA so that the law protects the digital privacy rights of today’s citizens, including library users.  As a member of the Digital Due Process coalition, a diverse group of companies, public interest groups and library associations, AALL urges reform to ECPA that would restore a fair balance between the privacy rights of citizens and the legitimate needs of law enforcement in the digital age.

You can join us today by adding your name to the tens of thousands who have signed on to this petition to the White House calling for support for sensible ECPA reform. 

AALL will continue to advocate for stronger privacy protections for communications in response to changes in technology, while preserving the legal tools necessary for government agencies to enforce the laws, respond to emergency circumstances and protect the public. For more information on AALL’s position on ECPA, see our Advocacy One-Pager.

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