White House Outlines Plan for Open Data Progress

By Elizabeth Holland

The White House released its U.S. Open Data Action Plan on Friday, one year after President Obama signed an executive order to make government data open and machine-readable.  The plan builds on the international Open Data Charter, signed in June 2013, which laid out a roadmap to releasing open data.

The action plan outlines more than 40 government data sets to be made public or expanded in 2014 and 2015, including a new Small Business Administration database, digitized Smithsonian American Art Museum Collection, Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster data and Federal Drug Agency adverse drug event data. The White House commits to “support innovators and improve open data based on feedback” in the plan.  Agencies will also ask for public feedback to determine which data sets to release first.

The Obama administration has launched a number of Open Data Initiatives over the last several years. “These efforts have helped unlock troves of valuable data — that taxpayers have already paid for — and are making these resources more open and accessible to innovators and the public,” Federal Chief Information Officer Steve VanRoekel and Chief Technology Officer Todd Park wrote in a blog post announcing the new plan.


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