Progress Report: UELMA in 2013

February 13, 2013

By Elizabeth

The Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act (UELMA) has seen significant progress in recent weeks in state legislatures across the country. Since we last reported, UELMA was introduced in Nevada, bringing the total number of introductions to 6 states thus far this year.  Here’s a rundown of the current status of UELMA in those legislatures:

  • In Connecticut, the Joint Committee on Judiciary will hear SB 235 today. AALL Past President Darcy Kirk, Connecticut Bar Association Law Library Section Chair Jon Stock, and SNELLA Past President Nancy Marcove will testify at the public hearing.
  • In Hawaii, HB 18 passed the House on February 8. The bill is awaiting consideration by the Senate, having been reported by the Committee on Judiciary and Labor on January 31.
  • In Massachusetts, bill HB 38 awaits a hearing, having been referred to the House Committee on Judiciary in early January.
  • In Minnesota, the Senate Judiciary and House Judiciary Committees voted to pass SF 157 and HF 278, respectively. AALL’s 2012 Public Access to Government Information (PAGI) Award winner Michelle Timmons testified in support of the bill at both committee hearings on February 12. It’s likely the bill will soon be taken up on the floor of both houses.
  • In Nevada, SB 105 was introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary on February 11. AALL advocates in that state plan to testify when a hearing is scheduled.
  • In North Dakota, the House voted to pass HB 1129. On February 12, the Senate referred the bill to its Judiciary Committee.

With the majority of legislatures’ regular sessions convening into May and adjourning as late as July, we expect several more states will introduce UELMA this year. AALL chapters and members will continue to work in conjunction with the Government Relations Office to support enactment of UELMA by coordinating with the Uniform Law Commission, working with members of their legislatures, providing testimony, and submitting letters of support for the act. Stay tuned to our 2013 UELMA Bill Tracking Chart for the latest status reports from legislatures across the country.

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